• My counsellor wanted to help me see the pattern of where my negative feelings toward myself have stemmed from. To do this, I was given a bit of paper with a series of headings. Under each I was to fill in short […]

  • I know I said I would update after day 30, but, once I’d had my check up appointment with my dermatologist, they decided to up my dose from 20mg to 30mg. With this being done, I thought it best to hang off and see […]

  • Yesterday should have been a good day. One where I was happy, content, and proud of my efforts. Yet I managed to make myself feel the complete opposite.

    Studying for an exam is always a bit meh. Finding time and […]

  • Today was my second assessment, as my doctor from last week wanted to discuss my past further. For those of you who have read my previous blogs, you’ll know why this wasn’t easy.

    Unlike last week I tried not to […]

  • When I woke up, I was in relatively good spirits. This was until I realised that I couldn’t have my morning ritual of a nice latte, thanks to getting bloods taken. It may seem menial to those of you reading, but m […]

  • Not too sure about you, but I constantly think the world hates me. That everyone I talk to is fed up of me, that they just appease me because they’re too nice to tell me to do one. I genuinely do not believe t […]

  • I have had acne for the better part of 7 years now. Started off as just a few spots, then the pores on my face started to widen, giving me black heads, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, I started to get cystic a […]

  • So far, this year I’ve used up all of my holidays on moving to a new house (twice!). I’ve moaned about this fact, as I genuinely feel that I never actually get a break. The whole year has been really busy, wit […]

  • Christmas is always a funny time of year for me. I love the idea of Christmas, and I love being able to spend some quiet time at home, with my family. What I don’t love? Is the copious amounts of money you need t […]

  • Do you ever find yourself being stuck in a dark, negative spiral, whereby you see no positives? One where you self-loath, hate everyone & everything around you?

    My moods are like being on a roller coaster. For a […]

  • I am my own biggest critic. I’m sure I speak for nearly everyone when I say; nothing I do is good enough. I will always say that I could have done more. I will scrutinise my work/life, and strive for better.   […]

  • If I was to describe the last 18 months as anything, other than the obvious word ‘sh!t’, I’d definitely say it’s been a wakeup call.

    As someone who has high functioning anxiety, amongst some other issues, I have […]

  • Children are stressful, but Teenagers are whole other ballgame..

    To all the fellow parents out there, I’m sure you’ve all heard from your parents “I hope your child ends up half as bad as you were”. I know I […]

  • Hi Skyrim,

    If you want to write a blog for my site, you’re more than welcome 🙂 Just send your blog onto info@pmacorner.com and I’ll upload them. I can do so against your name, or you can be completely anonymous.

  • Adulting is tiring. Fact. We spend our whole youth willing mile stone birthdays. First we cannot wait to be 10, because this is double digits. Then we cannot wait to be 13, then 16, 18, and 21. We wish our youth […]

  • There are a few different reactions to expect when you tell someone about your mental illness, most of them I personally could live without. I have put these in order of what I feel is the most common reactions I […]

  • I feel like I spend my life being frustrated, negative and angry! I honestly need to try and be positive. I work very hard daily to find at least one positive in every situation and you know what? It’s […]

  • Live and let live!
    Well the gist of this entire blog can be summarised to this; Don’t be a dick!
    World’s smallest violin….

    When I was growing up I was bullied for being poor and ugly. I mean being one of t […]

  • Thursday 8th June

    The night before leaving for Download Music Festival, I was so tired and anxious beyond belief. I was thinking of all the horrible things that could go wrong; What if I go and it’s o […]

  • Well I’m glad you have your wee claim to fame, a fair price for being my voice of reason. Still anxious, aren’t I always, about everything? But I wont let it stop me going and meeting my main man Steve. Not your […]

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