This part is actually much harder to write than you think! I’m sitting here like Brian from Breakfast Club wondering “who are you?”

Yes the picture quality is not the best, it’s not exactly a new movie! Although, the best movie if you ask me. I find it’s still helluva poignant nearly 35 years after it was released! Actually my favourite movie of all time. I’ve seen it easily 100+ times.

Who is my favourite character I hear you ask? Well of course it’s Bender! Who doesn’t love Judd Nelson? Fun fact; He is a method actor, and got into the role of Bender so much that he actually upset Molly Ringwald between filming scenes. So much so, John Hughes fired him from the movie. It was only because Molly and her co-stars begged John to reconsider that Judd Nelson remained in the movie! Good choice by all! Just wouldn’t have been the same without him. Also, Rick Moranis was the janitor? Even filmed all of his scenes, but he chose to turn up as a camp russian I believe! Eventually his scenes were cut and he was replaced by John Kapelos! Another good choice.

Distraction is key for me when I’m having a down day, or experiencing disassociation/depersonalisation, and there is no better distraction (in my honest and humble opinion), than being totally lost in a movie. I love that movies can transport you into other worlds, where you can fall in love with the characters and get swept up in their lives. This helps me to forget about mine, and the personal struggles I’m facing.

How often do I watch movies? At least 1 a day. There are some movies I’ve seen in excess of 20+ times. I find if a movie allows me to get totally lost, I can become a little obsessed with it. A bit like the Breakfast Club. It’s easy watching, the characters and story line are relatable to anyone.

When I’m not in a place where I can put a movie on to get lost in, I turn to music. I love listening to songs that I just get completely immersed in. Naturally, my mood dictates the playlist. If I’m in work and I have a big work load, where I need to drown out the office noise and be productive, I’ll listen to some Ne Obliviscaris, Allegaeon, Gojira, Arch Enemy, Pantera, SoAD etc. If I’m in a more chilled mood, I’ll want to listen to some softer rock, so perhaps some Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, In This Moment, Clutch, Wolfmother, etc. If I’m in a light-hearted mood I tend to lean more towards my Indie Rock playlists that will have Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Pixies, The Sea Horses, James, Stereophonics etc. If I’m a little bit more refelctive, then it’s back to my teens for some STP, Nirvana, Deftones, Foo’s, Faith No More, Talking Heads, Green Day (anything pre American Idiot aka Pre Bono – fucking hate Bono), The Cranberries, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Sonic Youth etc

Well, I have to say that this pretty much sums me up. I’m a bit of a movie junkie, who loves a bit of movie trivia! When I’m not watching movies, I’m listening to good tunes 🙂 I’m always in need of new music suggestions, so feel free to PM yours.