[Sticky] Breathing technique  


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21/03/2019 4:36 pm  

i recently came across this technique listening to GP on the radio talking about depression/stress etc. I try to start and end my day with this technique. I do feel it helps alleviate some of the stressful feelings


3–4–5 Breath. I find that this exercise can be extremely effective for patients who are prone to anxiety or stress. It could hardly be simpler. Breathe in for three seconds, hold for four seconds and breathe out for five seconds. When your outbreath is longer than your in-breath, you reduce the activation of your stress state and encourage your body to move into a thrive state. You can do a few rounds of this breath or extend it to take five minutes. Listen to your body and see what works for you.

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21/03/2019 7:47 pm  

This is similar to the breathing technique I was taught for panic attacks, but instead of 3-4-5, it's called 7/11 breathing. Basically in for the count of 7, and out for 11. It's actually quite hard to start with, so they recommend doing 4/8 first. I guess whichever works for you, is the one to stick with 😀